Terms and Conditions of booking

1. Reservation

We recommend reserving at least 1 month prior to your date of arrival. All definitive reservations must include a 50% deposit. Once the deposit has been received we will send you a reservation confirmation. It is essential that you send us the following information for yourself and anyone accompanying you as soon as you receive confirmation so that we can obtain your passes:

Without these passes you will not be able to go on to Cayman Lodge Amazonia.


All our prices are shown in American dollars and are subject to change without prior notice.The price is indicated per person unless otherwise specifically mentioned. The amount of deposit required to confirm a reservation is set and definitive.The costs of entering tour sites are not included in the tour package price, nor are the costs of drinks or other purchases. The tour price indicated is to cover the cost of the services we provide each day as described in the tour package that you chose.


Only cancellation requests made due to airline flight cancellations are accepted.


Cayman Lodge Amazonia may under no circumstances be held liable for accidents, injuries, illnesses, irregularities or the loss/theft of your means of payment, personal effects or luggage. We do not accept responsibility for accidents, losses, lateness or any interferences during your stay caused by circumstances beyond our control or for any other events that do not engage our liability, in particular those concerning tour packages and time schedules.


You must absolutely have insurance covering accidents, emergency evacuation, flights and loss of baggage. We recommend that you give us a copy of your insurance policy, policy number and the telephone numbers of your insurance company as soon as you arrive. In case of an accident, illness or other problem not covered by your insurance you will be responsible for paying all related expenses.