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To really understand and appreciate nature and the amazing things that risk becoming extinct on our planet we must observe the Amazonian rain forest. The Amazonian rain forest produces 20% of the earth's oxygen while 10% of the fresh water which comes from the rivers empty into the ocean. The Amazonian rain forest boasts more than 25,000 different types of plants, 4,300 types of birds and 20,000 animal species.

The Tambopata National Reserve was created in 1990 and covers an approximate surface area of 1,480 million hectares, roughly the equivalent of 30% of the surface area of Costa Rica.

This vast region which is located in the Madre de Dios department, only 30 minutes by plane from Cuzco, is the most well-preserved zone of the Amazonian rain forest in South America. The amazing biodiversity encountered in this protected area is the result of its location between the "skirts" of the Andes Alps, the low floodable forest and the plain. Even a short visit to this reserve guarantees a moving and colorful experience.

The Tambopata National Reserve (RNT) is located on the banks of the Tambopata River, a huge protected area in south-eastern Peru.

Madre de Dios Department

  • The intensive research on the flora and fauna in the upper and lower valley as well as on the banks of the Tambopata River has revealed an unbelievable abundance of ecosystems that are considered to be the most varied on the planet.
  • It is possible to observe rare groups of animals here, such as giant otters, sajinos, tapirs, anacondas, jaguars, small tigers, harpy eagles, boars, capybaras and ronsocos. They are all still present in this part of the Amazonian rain forest while they are disappearing from other parts of the world. The park's avifauna is amazingly diverse with 590 species.
  • The Colorado clay lick is the biggest in the world of its kind. It is 4 ½ hours away from our Cayman Lodge Amazonie. This is a particularly interesting zone to observe birds, including hundreds of parrots and colorful arras.


There are an infinite number of opportunities for observing the Amazonian rain forest and its wild life in all its beauty at Cayman Lodge Amazonia and all over the national reserve. Our lodges offer everyone, naturalists, scientists, photographers, etc. the chance of staying in the heart of the Amazonian rain forest as if you were in your own home. Our experienced guides are available to help you understand and appreciate this vast primitive zone.