Cayman Lodge Amazonia is situated in the Puerto Maldonado region, at the confluence of the Tambopata and Madre de Dios rivers.

Cayman Lodge Amazonia is located a 2.5-hour boat ride away from Puerto Maldonado. The city is situated at the confluence of the Tambopata and Madre de Dios rivers in southeastern Peru. It is close to the borders of Brazil and Bolivia, in the Amazonian region. It is an ideal location for exploring the Amazon rainforest. However, don't forget to also visit the famous Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, other wonders of Peru, for an unforgettable journey.

Puerto Maldonado is a town located in the Madre de Dios region. Puerto Maldonado is often used as a starting point to explore the rainforest and the famous Manú National Park.



Important advices

  • Even though we have some equipment available for you to use, you must have the following for hikes and walks in the forest: - backpack, canteen, plastic bags, flashlight, etc.
  • - medication and mosquito repellent,
  • - toiletries :
  • - long cotton pants,
  • - hat, baseball cap or other head covering,
  • - thin socks (high or low),
  • - walking shoes,
  • - raincoat and warm jacket to protect yourself against the constantly changing weather and for outings on the river or lake.
  • - sun cream and sunglasses.

Personal information

  • To obtain authorization to navigate on the Tambopata River and to get into the Tambopata National Reserve, we need detailed information about the passengers: first and last names, citizenship, passport number and age. This information must be provided 24 hours before departure. We ask you to provide us with this information as soon as you receive confirmation of your reservation.


  • We recommend using 400 ASA or higher film to take photos in the forest since the light in the forest is very dim at the end of the day. Regular 100 ASA film may be used outside the forest, on the rivers and lakes. Please use waterproof sacks to protect your equipment.

    At specific hours of the day, there is electricity at the lodges so that you’ll be able to charge your cameras batteries.


If you have the time and the weather is good, we recommend taking at least 3 days for the tour and to observe the birds.

You can sleep in the lodges or camp out. We can always find a solution for any requests you may have in terms of lodging and tour organization to please everyone. We offer ornithology, botany and medicinal plant tours as well as other options for professionals.